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Electric Grippers and Rotaries

Electrical Grippers Learn more about Gimatic Electric Actuators

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No programming needed! Gimatic's new electric grippers and rotaries allow you to better control the position of the gripper finger, detect grip, control the grip force and speed, as well as eliminate air lines, saving power and maintenance while keeping a cleaner work environment.
  • Gripper retention guaranteed in power loss
  • Rotary unit capable of 90° or 180° rotation
  • Long-life brushless DC motor
  • Built in motor driver
  • Self-centering jaw system (patented)
  • Fiber-carbon gear reduction
  • Maintenance-free for 10 milion cycles
  • T-slot style jaws for heavy loads
  • Optional magnetic sensors

Electric Linear Guides and Actuators


Electric linear actuators and electric guides are designed for high precision, rigidity and robust performance. The ball-bearing guide system handles high loads. The alloy construction is designed to be lightweight and dissipate heat. An adjustable preloading provides zero backlash adjustment.

  • Integrated linear motor
  • Integrated encoder sensor
  • Recirculating ball-bearing guide system
  • 50mm to 500mm strokes
  • T-nut mounting
  • M12 standard electrical connection
  • Compatible with several drives available on the market
  • Optional magnetic homing sensors

3D Printed Gripper Fingers

Learn more about Gimatic 3D Printing Service

3D printed gripper fingers
  • Develop ideas faster
  • On-demand printing provides immediate feedback
  • Prototyping mitigates risks
  • Minimize downtime
  • Inexpensive when compared to machining
  • Custom to your application

HNBR Material for Part Handling

HNBR material

New padded finger grippers, sprue grippers, vacuum cups and more!

  • Non-marking
  • Long lasting
  • 302° F maximum temperature
  • Replacement pads available - retro-fit your gripper now!
  • Pads can be integrated into your 3D printed gripper finger design

Sensor Junction Box with M8 Direct Connection

Sensor Junction Box Click here for more information

  • 3-pin M8x1 direct connection
  • Connect different types of sensors in parallel or in series
  • Signals can be converted (PNP to NPN & NPN to PNP)
  • I/O may be PNP = sourcing, NPN = sinking, or dry contact
  • Several boxes may be connected in a series to accommodate additional sensors
  • LED indicators allow for easy troubleshooting
  • Regenerates signals & protects contacts
  • Optional M8 male cabling connectors available
GimaticUSA Brochure
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