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Gimatic Cobot Kits and Accessories for Universal Robots

Flexibility, skill and technology make Gimatic a leading global manufacturer of pneumatic and electric grippers for industrial automation.

Gimatic Universal Robot Gripper Kits

Gimatic Vacuum Kit-UR-V for Universal Robots is a modular and durable vacuum end effector. A lightweight, extruded aluminum frame offers versatility so it can be used for different tasks with minimal setup time.

Gimatic Gripper KIT-UR-G is an industrial electric gripper that plugs straight to your Universal Robot’s wrist connector. Equipped with machined fingers that can be replaced by custom fingers right for your application.

Gimatic Gripper Kit-UR-J is an industrial electric gripper with a long stroke that plugs straight to your Universal Robot’s wrist connector. Equipped with machined jaws that can be fitted with custom fingers specific to your application.

Designed for collaborative robots, the QC75 is a manual quick changer that allows for pneumatic and electrical connections to be easily coupled between jobs. Standardize up to 16 electrical contacts and 4 pneumatic lines to have your cobot up and running with minimal downtime.

The Quick Tool Changer KIT-UR-QC is a manual tool changer kit for UR collaborative robots. It’s mainly composed of two parts: one permanently connected to the robot wrist (QC90-A) and the other permanently connected to a tool (QC90-B).




QC-75 for Cobots


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