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Electrical Quick Changer

Electric Quick Changer

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No programming needed! Gimatic's new Electric Quick Changers are an effective solution for quickly changing tools. Multiple Robot Sides have been designed to connect to the wrist of Universal Robots and other Collaborative Robots. The optional electric connectors can be positioned in the central through hole.

Gimatic USA 2020 Catalog

GimaticUSA 2020 Catalog

Using the Gimatic USA 2020 interactive catalog is easy - just like paging through our paper catalog – but with added benefits, like Pricing!

Hotlinks in the table of contents and product sections make navigation easy and fast. You can also search by keyword or part number. Bookmark your favorite items, add comments, print, and share pages. Once you find the item you want, click the part number and an e-commerce pop-up will let you login and add items to your cart.

What's New:

  • "PRO" Teachable Sensors link
  • Modular Sensor Box link
  • UR Certified Collaborative Grippers link
  • DD20-16 Gripper design link
  • PB Gripper design coming soon! link
  • OF Gripper Finger design and new models. link
  • Suspensions with new Go-Pro style hinges, and with pneumatic brake link

  • And much more, View Now!

Gimatic Quick Changer for Collaborative Robots – QC75

cobot quick changer QC75

Gimatic QC75 was designed for collaborative robots. The manual quick changer incorporates configurable electrical connections, innovative pneumatic pass-through ports and available locked position confirmation.

  • The Quick Changer standard for collaborative robots.
  • Compatible with UR3, UR5, UR10, UR3e, UR5e, UR10e.
  • Handles both pneumatic and electrical end effectors.
  • Air ports are integrated into the quick changer connection pins (patented) for streamlined pneumatic routing.
  • Electrical connectors are integrated into the quick changer housing for streamlined wiring.
  • 4 Integrated G1/8" pneumatic pass-through ports.
  • Optional electrical connector provides 16 screw terminals.
  • Cobot industry standard ISO-9409-1-50-4-M6 mounting pattern.
  • Locked position sensing available.

3D Printed Gripper Fingers

Learn more about Gimatic 3D Printing Service

3D printed gripper fingers
  • Develop ideas faster
  • On-demand printing provides immediate feedback
  • Prototyping mitigates risks
  • Minimize downtime
  • Inexpensive when compared to machining
  • Custom to your application

HNBR Material for Part Handling

HNBR material

New padded finger grippers, sprue grippers, vacuum cups and more!

  • Non-marking
  • Long lasting
  • 302° F maximum temperature
  • Replacement pads available - retro-fit your gripper now!
  • Pads can be integrated into your 3D printed gripper finger design
New Products:

All new products are In-Stock and Ready to ship by EMI:

DD20 Compact Sprue Grippers with Vacuum Part Detection

DD20 Compact Sprue Grippers with Vacuum Part Detection and HNBR Pads

Teachable PRO Sensors for up to 3-Positions

Gimatic Mini Gripper with HNBR Pads and Improved Sensor Slot

Low-Profile, lightweight Slides for EOAT

One-Handle Dovetail Quick Changer with closed-state sensor detection

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