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We provide the North American industrial automation market with the wide range of advanced Gimatic handling products and develop new problem-solving technologies for parts handling.

Brescia, Italy
Gimatic was founded in 1985 in Brescia, Italy by three partners who created a dynamic reality, always attentive to market developments and the needs of its customers. Today the company is a leader in the handling market. The company specializes in pneumatic handling: since 1986, the year the company filed their first patent for a pneumatic gripper, Gimatic has filed over 170 patents. Gimatic has sales companies around the world and relies on a widespread, organized, stable network of distributors.

Cleveland, Ohio
GimaticUSA was established in 2004 to provide sales and engineering support and product distribution throughout North America. A few years prior EMI Corp, a major supplier of automation equipment in North America, partnered with Gimatic to develop specialty grippers useful to plastic injection molding processors. The success of the partnership in the plastics industry led to the formation of GimaticUSA to provide distribution to all industries for all of Gimatic's non-plastics products. Gimatic Handling, Mechatronics and Sensor products are stocked, sold, and supported by GimaticUSA, a division of EMI Corp., and authorized independent sales agents and distributors.


1985 Gimatic Srl is founded
Three friends decide to combine their different potential and experience to create a dynamic new company. One that, even through the era of globalization, will stay true to the values of a "family" business as it evolves over time.

1986 First patent
The first pneumatic pliers (PB) are created and Gimatic registers its first patent.

1987 Investment in the electronic field
Already a leader in the handling market, Gimatic decides to invest in electronics to increase its competitiveness. It therefore develops magneto resistive, electronic and impact sensors.

1996 Change from limited liability to joint-stock company
The company gains structure and the change in its legal status becomes essential.

1997 Move to new headquarters
Gimatic staff grows and the company moves to a 21,500 square foot building.

2001 The first Plastics catalogue is produced
Gimatic enters the robotic end of arm tooling market with their launch of a complete line of framing components and end effectors specifically designed for handling plastic injection molded parts. Gimatic's EOAT concept was developed with input from gantry style robot manufacturer and injection molding company personnel.

2003 The first commercial branch is opened
Gimatic expands not only in terms of its business but also territorially, doing so by opening its first commercial branch based in Novara, Italy. Gimatrade Srl is simply the forerunner and today Gimatic is proud to boast 10 sister companies (4 Italian and 6 foreign).

2004 GimaticUSA established
GimaticUSA is established to provide sales and engineering support and distribution of Handling, Mechatronics, and Sensor products throughout North America.

2008 Move to the current headquarters
The continued growth of Gimatic made another move necessary. The company went from headquarters measuring 21,500 square feet to a new one of 54,000.

2013 Introduction of Mechatronics products
Gimatic is quickly becoming a worldwide market leader in Mechatronics. The eye on the future today takes the form of Gimatic's active interest in the electric actuator market.

TODAY Evolving with Industry 4.0
Gimatic's industry-proven pneumatic and electric grippers are easily adapted to, and maximize the high repeatability of the growing Collaborative Robot market. Gimatic also utilizes 3D printing technology to innovate faster and better optimize its production capacity.

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