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Gimatic EQC

EQC is an Electrically-Powered Automatic Quick Changer, Compatible with a Wide Range of Grippers. The first of its kind to offer a quick disconnect solution that’s electrically-actuated and lightweight, this is the best tool changer for quick, hands- and hassle-free changing of tools on your cobot. Built-in pneumatic pass-through ports and optional electrical connectors provide the flexibility required for your EOAT applications.


  • EQC05 and EQC20 sizes available.
  • Position confirmation sensing.
  • Optional electrical connectors to be positioned in the central through hole.
  • Separate adapter plate available for ISO 9409-1-50-4-M6 and 9409-1-63-4-M6 robot flanges.
  • Storage docking pins available. Contact us for a Custom Cradle to store your EOAT's.
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The EQC20 is designed to provide a hands- and hassle-free quick-change tool system, automated using resources readily available from your collaborative robot. Numerous model configurations allow for convenient control through the robot wrist I/O or controller, while various available interface plates make for simplified mechanical mounting to the robot flange. Pneumatic pass-through ports are built-in and optional electrical connectors can be positioned in the central thru-hole for a collaborative compliant execution.

Gimatic Electric Quick Changer EQC20 Safety Loads

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