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Gimatic Grippers for Assembly and Automation

A wide variety of general purpose grippers for robotic end effectors are available from EMI. We offer good, better, and the best quality grippers in standard bodies. Parallel grippers and angular grippers are available in double acting, normally open, and normally closed configurations. For general gripping of small parts, compact and miniature grippers are available.

GS - Parallel Grippers

GW - Angular Grippers

GX-S - Radial Grippers

SGP-S - Compact Grippers

MF - Expansion Grippers

PS/PSP - Radial Grippers

T - Parallel Grippers

S - Parallel Grippers

TFA - Mini Angular Grippers

HS - High Speed Grippers

PT - Needle Grippers

SZ - Wide Angle Grippers

MGX - High Precision Grippers

PN - Compact Grippers

AA - Grippers

PE - Parallel Grippers

X Grippers

JP - Parallel Grippers

SH - Long Stroke Grippers

GM - Parallel Grippers

MG - Parallel Grippers

PQ - Grippers

PB - Rocking Grippers

SX - Sealed Grippers

SXT - Sealed Grippers

TH - Grippers

DH - Grippers

SP - Grippers

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